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        During pregnancy

  • We perform ultrasound examinations of the baby in the 12th, 20th and 30th week of gestation for development and growth diagnostics

  • We analysis your risk for gestational diabetes, as diabetes can also occur unnoticed during pregnancy

  • We exclude your risk for infectious diseases that can lead to malformations, diseases or premature birth:

    • Toxoplasmosis

    • Parvo Virus B19

    • Cytomegaly  

    • Hepatitis B and C and HIV

    • Chlamydia

    • HPV

    • bacterial vaginosis  

  • Exclusion of a dysplastic change in the cervix

  • Analysis of hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism  

  • Analysis of anemia in pregnant women

  • Analysis of the child's Rh factor as a blood test (in Rh-negative mothers)

  • Vaccination during pregnancy

  • Malformation analysis of the child by blood test (NIPT)

  • Regular check-ups in accordance with the maternity guidelines of the G-BA with regular measurement of blood pressure, weight, position of the uterus, child's cardiotocography and labor

  • Advice on choosing the right hospital and the best way of giving birth for you

Many, but not all, services are covered by health insurance. Talk to us about it.

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