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There is the time before, during, and after. And every woman experiences it differently. The phases may also overlap or you hardly notice anything.

Maybe you have hot flashes or you can't sleep well? Maybe you are moody or you suffer from vaginal dryness or hair loss? Are you bleeding unexpectedly or in a way that is not familiar?  

In the middle of life, diseases become more common and prevention becomes even more important.


We offer:

  • Advice on drug treatment with or without hormones

  • Treatment monitoring and adjustment of hormonal therapy

  • Advice on other treatment methods and on changing lifestyle habits

  • Nutritional advice

  • Comprehensive gynecological care under hormonal therapy

  • Early detection of diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes as well as diseases of the kidney, liver, increase in blood lipids or changes in the blood count, among others

  • Advice on individual contraception  

Many but not all services are covered by your health insurance.
Let´s talk about it.

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