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       After birth and in puerperium

After your baby is born, you will see your amazing body in a new light. How is your breastfeeding experience? How does your pelvic floor feel? What postnatal exercises would be best for you? And how is the bonding with your baby going? 

Questions that we are happy to answer. In the postpartum examination we will discuss all of these topics. We check the regression of the uterus, talk about incontinence and examine your health status:  

  • Evaluation of your own organ function, blood count and vitamin levels

  • Ultrasound examination of your breast, uterus, ovaries and bladder  

  • Examination of your pelvic floor  

  • Catching up on vaccinations

  • Cancer screening

  • Checking blood pressure and iron deficiency after birth 

  • Checking for abnormal findings in your urine

Many, but not all, services are covered by health insurance.
Let´s talk about it.

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