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Family planning 

It's time. You are ready for a child. But when is the right moment in the cycle to get pregnant? And is that even possible, even if the period is very irregular? Maybe you have already had a miscarriage?  

We want to support you and advise you properly. It doesn't matter to us whether you are single or live with a man or a woman.  





For this we offer the following:  

  • Individual advice based on your situation

  • Examination of the uterus and ovaries, as well as the breast and cervix

  • Evaluation of all major endocrine systems related to conception.  

  • Detection of pre-existing conditions, related to impaired fertility (e.g., PCO)

  • Monitoring of the cycle, determination of ovulation and recommendation of the optimal time for conception

  • Insemination  

  • Supporting pregnancy with ovulation-promoting drugs  

  • Contact and cooperation with fertility clinics

Many, but not all, services are covered by health insurance.

Let´s talk about it.

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