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PD Dr. Maike Henningsen (Member of the Berlin Medical Association)

Frauenmedizin am Bundesplatz

BSNR: 721084100

Bundesplatz 3

10715 Berlin

Tel. 030-85731901

Fax 030-85731903

Professional title of doctor, conferred in 2005 by the

Medical Association Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany 

Responsible State Medical Association (supervisory authority):

Medical Association Berlin

Friedrichstrasse 16

10969 Berlin

Responsible Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians:

Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Berlin

Masurenallee 6a

14057 Berlin  

Professional regulations

- Professional code of conduct of the Berlin Medical Association

- Healthcare Professions Act of the State of Berlin  

Image sources :

The photos on our website are from,, and

Our team photos were created by Foto Kirsch in Berlin. 

The following  photos were kindly made available to us:

- The hormone spiral -

- The copper ball -

- The copper spiral -

- The diaphragm -

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