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There are many contraceptives and choices create questions. We will discuss your needs and determine what best suits you. We can also test whether you might be prone to side effects that hormonal contraceptives sometimes have.  

If you have a health condition some contraceptives may not be appropriate, we will advise you.


Copper IUD

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We have found a way to insert an IUD gently and (almost) painlessly. We pay attention to your very own anatomy in order to find a suitable IUD. We can insert the IUD at every point in your cycle.

We also insert the "IUD after"-like the pill after. Anesthesia is also an option.




Hormone-free, but not for everyone. Nevertheless, it also protects against infections and that makes it unique.


Copper ball

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The copper ball is inserted in a similar way as the IUD. Insertion can be performed with minimal pain and at any point in your cycle. The copper ball rolls up into a ball in your uterus. Regular screening in required to ensure the correct position.


LAM method 


Natural family planning is also possible-but needs focus and dicipline. With natural family planning (NFP) and the lactation amenorrhea method (LAM method) you can also avoid pregnancies. We will give advise if this in an option for you.




The diaphragm is placed in front of the cervix before sex. In addition you need to use a gel to render the sperm inactive. We'll show you how to use it.



Hormonal IUD 

Like the copper IUD, the hormonal IUD will be inserted into the uterus. This can happen at any point in your cycle and we will minimize discomfort as much as possible. This method is particularly suitable if you have severe menstruations or if you are slowly approaching menopause and want to use contraception.

Image by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

Mini pill (progestin)

The minipill can be prescribed to women for whom the pill is not recommended. It has fewer side effects, but some side effects still remain.



The implant is placed under the skin in the area of the upper arm. This is a very safe method and the contraceptive effect will last for 3 years.  


Hormone ring

The hormone ring is placed in the back of the vagina. You and your partner will not notice it. We'll show you how to insert and change it.


Hormone         injection

Safe and you will not have to think about contraception for the next 3 months. However, the side effects are similar to those experienced with the minipill.  ​

Unrecognized woman in white blouse holding hormonal oral contraceptives in a pink blister.

Combination pill

The pill has been around for a very long time. It has advantages but also its weaknesses. If you experience too many side effects, then it's time to change the method.​​

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Hormonal patch

It sticks like a bandaid and keeps its promise of safe contraception for 4 weeks. But here, too, there are pros and cons. Let´s talk about it.

for 3-6 years

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for 3-6 years

   for 4    weeks

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